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Coopering is our craft

Napa Valley, Est. 1990

Coopering is our craft

Napa Valley, Est. 1990

Coopering is our craft

Napa Valley, Est. 1990

Coopering is our craft

Napa Valley, Est. 1990


Barrel Associates International Founded

Barrel Associates International is founded by Rich Davis and Jeff Jaeger as the exclusive distributor for Tonnellerie Dargaud et Jaegle barrels and Barrel Associates fire-bent and water-bent American Oak barrels.


Invention of Deep Toast

The Deep Toast barrel is invented and introduced by Rich Davis and added to the Barrel Associates American Oak barrel program.


Invention of Marcel Cadet

The Marcel Cadet barrel is created in honor of the late Marcel Jaegle.


Acquisition of Vallaurine

The Jaegle family acquires the Vallaurine cooperage in the Rhone Valley and begins coopering fire bent barrels.


Addition of Lizette Jaeger

Lizette Jaeger joins Barrel Associates International as General Manager.


Introduction of Heritage

Barrel Associates International introduces its premier American Oak barrel "Heritage".

Dargaud Jaegle


Our Team

Our Legacy

Barrel Associates International is a French and American Oak wine barrel company that was founded in Napa in 1990 by Jeff Jaeger, William Jaeger Jr and Rich Davis.  Barrel Associates International, LP is the exclusive North American distributor for Tonnellerie Dargaud et Jaegle and Marcel Cadet, French Oak barrels, Vallaurine Tonnellerie French Oak barrels and Barrel Associates International Fire-bent, Water-bent and DeepToast American oak barrels, sold worldwide.

Our Bending Regimes

Deep Toast

This proprietary production regime uniquely employs fire, water and air to raise the stave wood toasting temperature above that of our other two methods. Chocolate, toffee and fine almond nuances help you make wines you thought could only be made from French oak barrels.

Water-bent Barrels

Water Bent

Our water-bent barrels are first immersed in very hot water to break down the lignins in the wood, bent to shape, then slowly toasted over an oak fire while still wet. Because water conducts heat better than air, this toasting penetrates extraordinary depth. Typical characteristics associated with this barrel are a sweet nose, velvety texture and spicy confluence of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and roasted nut. 

Fire Bent

Classic fire-bent barrels are made from air-dried American oak, leisurely toasted over an oak fire to caramelize the naturally occurring sugars in the wood. Our well-toasted fire-bent barrels deliver a rich, balanced texture, aromatic vanilla, pepper and allspice flavors. 





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