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Barrel Associates International, LP is a French and American Oak wine barrel company that was founded in Napa in 1990 by Jeff Jaeger, William Jaeger Jr, and Rich Davis. Barrel Associates International, LP is the exclusive North American distributor for Tonnellerie Dargaud et Jaegle and Marcel Cadet, French Oak barrels, Vallaurine Tonnellerie French Oak barrels, and Barrel Associates International Fire-bent, Water-bent, and DeepToast American Oak barrels, sold worldwide.


Marcel Dargaud

Marcel Dargaud acquires a small cooperage in La Maison Blanche


Marcel Jaegle

Marcel Jaegle begins working at the cooperage (at 13 years old)


Dargaud et Jaegle Founded

The cooperage is officially named Dargaud et Jaegle


Addition of Jean-Marcel Jaegle

Jean-Marcel Jaegle joins Tonnellerie Dargaud et Jaegle


Jaegle Demptos Partnership

The Jaegle family partners with Jeff Jaeger and Rich Davis at Demptos and they begin distributing Dargaud et Jaegle barrels in the United States.


Demptos Cooperage Sold

Phillippe Demptos passes away and Jeff Jaeger helps the Demptos family sell Demptos cooperage


Barrel Associates International Founded

Barrel Associates International is founded by Rich Davis and Jeff Jaeger as the exclusive distributor for Tonnellerie Dargaud et Jaegle barrels and Barrel Associates fire-bent and water-bent American Oak barrels.


Deep Toast Invented

The Deep Toast barrel is invented and introduced by Rich Davis and added to the Barrel Associates American Oak barrel program


Addition of Cedric Jaegle

Cedric Jaegle joins his parents working at the cooperage


Marcel Cadet Barrel Invented

The Marcel Cadet barrel is created in honor of the late Marcel Jaegle.


Lauriane Jaegle temporarily moves to Napa to perform market research

Lauriane Jaegle moves to Napa temporarily to study the demand in the market for a Jaegle-coopered fire bent French oak barrel (which led to Vallaurine).


Addition of Lauriane Jaegle

Lauriane Jaegle joins her parents and brother at Dargaud et Jaegle working as the Commercial Director.


Vallaurine Fire-Bent Barrel Distribution

Barrel Associates International begins distributing Vallaurine fire-bent barrels.


Acquisition of Vallaurine Cooperage

The Jaegle family acquires the Vallaurine cooperage in the Rhone Valley and begins coopering fire bent barrels.


Addition of Lizette Jaeger

Lizette Jaeger joins Barrel Associates International as General Manager.


Introduction of Heritage

Barrel Associates International introduces its premier American Oak barrel "Heritage".

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