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Barrel Associates

Founded over 30 years ago, and now in their third generation of family leadership, Barrel Associates International leads the barrel industry by consistently crafting the highest quality American oak barrels. Our premium wood sources and three unique production methods of Water Bent, Fire Bent, and Deep Toast, offer winemakers flavor profiles and texture for every style of winemaking. We are honored that prestigious wineries around the world have un-wavering confidence in our barrels. Winemakers looking for unparalleled quality, can expect Barrel Associates International, to deliver, every time.

Available in: Water Bent, Fire Bent, Deep Toast.

Dargaud et Jaegle

For almost a century, the Jaeglé family of South Burgundy France, has identified and utilized the top 20 wood producers in France to craft origin-specific, water bent, French oak wine barrels. DJ origin barrels provide winemakers consistently nuanced oak framing in their wines while emphasizing the fruit that is unique to each growing area. Seamless integration elevates the finished wine with roundness and texture that fully expresses winemakers' favorite vineyard sources. Available in standard sizes, casks, and puncheons.

Available in: Water Bent.


The Jaeglé family’s fire bent barrel, coopered exclusively in the Rhone Valley, for the rarest wines worldwide. Tonnellerie Vallaurine barrels utilize stave wood crafted especially for the Jaeglé family and aged at the Dargaud et Jaeglé wood yard in Romaneche-Thorins, France. The Rîve Droite barrel superbly crafts complex, elegant wines with rich texture. The Rîve Gauche barrel profoundly enhances prized aromatics and delicate nuances. The Vallaurine range includes standard sizes, casks, demi-muid, Foudres and Ovals. These larger formats provide slow and subtle aging of the great wines of the world.

Available in: Fire Bent.

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Dargaud & Jaegle Tonnellerie